Video Conversion

CHD 1802

HDMI to SDI Converter

The CHD 1802 is a compact HDMI to SDI converter It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a broadcast quality SDI signal derived from an external HDMI source. Any audio present in the HDMI stream will be embedded into the corresponding channels on the SDI output.  
The module is...

CHD 1812

HDMI to SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer

The CHD 1812 is a versatile and compact HDMI to SDI converter with integrated frame synchronizer. It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a fully synchronized SDI input from an external asynchronous HDMI source.

The flexible reference sync input will accept any analog video sync...

SPG 1707

HD / SD Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock

The SPG 1707 is a compact, versatile analog sync pulse generator with genlock providing HD / SD video sync and audio reference signals. The module provides three SD sync outputs and three HD sync outputs and a separate audio sync output that can be switched between 48 KHz Word Clock or Digital Audio...

CDH 1813

3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter + 3D Support

The CDH 1813 is a versatile, compact SDI to HDMI converter designed to combat a host of monitoring and display applications in broadcast, post production and pro A/V markets. Convert any SDI video signal, including 3D formats into HDMI signal for monitoring and display. Fiber connectivity options...

PMV 1841

PMV 1841 – 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Quad Split + 4k Monitoring

The PMV 1841 is a compact quad split multiviewer ideal for applications needing basic quad split multiview capability into an HDMI monitor. Four SDI inputs are supported with a single HDMI output. The module has three basic modes of operation:

  • Quad Split - All four inputs are arranged into a fixed...

PEC 1864

3Gbit SDI/HDMI H.264 Streamer and Recorder

The PEC 1864 is a versatile, compact SDI/HDMI H.264 streamer and recorder

designed for a wide range of applications in the broadcast, film and pro A/V


The module can be configured to stream, record or to do both simultaneously.

The streamer and recorder have independent encoders...